Monday, January 11, 2010


  • Picture above was taken on 2000 when I was teaching at SMK Bachok. Women in this picture is my late wife.
  • I'm maried her on 1992, she is my neighbour and also my student at private school(ITB)
  • She follow me to Sabah because I'm teaching at SMK Menggatal Sabah. She is a clerk at Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik Sabah.
  • 1994, we move to Semenanjung and I was posting at SMK Raja Sakti but unfurtunately she is posting as SK Padang Setebu, near Kenyir Dam at Kuala Berang. She was pregnant our first son
  • I'm very depressed because we stayed separately and we make decision if she cannot move to Kelantan 1996, she will resigned.
  • Fortunately in 1996 she posting at SK Sungai Dua Bachok is a Clerk
  • 1999 she found something wrong at her breast and confirm it is cancer but she refused to make mastactomy. She afraid she became disable, so she urge me to see bomoh although I'm didnt agree it. She is too stuborn.
  • Finaly she took Gamat Emas and Dr.Syed Al-Qudry advice her to take chemoteraphy.
  • We went to HUSM and see Dr.Biswal. After several line chemoteraphy, doktor give her raditeraphy.
  • Her condition become worse and doctor cannot make operation anymore. Doktor give her chemoteraphhy in ward 3 Selatan. After 3 time admit in ward, doctor Kamil advice her stay at home because no more treatment.
  • i'm try alternative treatment like Aura 7 to relieve pain. We lost a lot money for it. We take life enzime CNI, Gamat Emas and bomoh.........I,m very angry with her because didnt listen my advice to remove her cancer breast early. At the end she regret did't listen my advice
  • Jun 2003, she paralyse. I,m take care her with my mum because her mum also sick(chronic diabetes). 1.6.2003 her breast arteri was broken and blood flow from there and after Azan Subuh she leave me and 2 sons forever. May Allah bless her my first love.
  • You always in my mind although i'm have a new wife because live must go on. It my destiny and.................................
  • 28.8.2006 I'm was operate because of GIST (Stomach Cancer) but I'm never give-up and never surrender to my illness. With helpfull from Allah I'm come back to school on 2010 after leave almost 2 years.
  • Thanks Allah give chance to live more. Give streghtend to follow all You said in Al-Quran and what Prophet Muhammad saw said and do.
sorry for my poor English


ku_mie said...

Kagum dengan ke tabah Cikgu Zaini... Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul... namun cikgu Ni tetap tabah mengharumi ujian yang amat berat ni-- ikhlas dari Tengku azmi

Zaitie said...

Terima kasih Ku Mie. Inilah lumrah kehidupan, kita kena terima dan redha dengan takdir Ilahi kerana itu salah satu rukun Iman. Cuma saya selalu berdoa moga Allah memberi saya kekuatan iman untuk menempuh segala ujianNya. Amin.