Friday, January 29, 2010

Appointment With Prof.Madya Dr.Biswa Mohan Biswal

Thursday 28.01.10

I'm to Nuclear Clinik with my mum by taxi. My dad take a taxi at the street and bring it to my house beacause i'm can't walk to road although my house only 100 meter from street. On the way. i,m chatting with taxi driver about national isue like our politic and religous situations now. As a history teacher, i'm expalain to him base on our country history. We also talk about teaher and students now. Lastly we talk abaout cancer. He shocked when I told him that my medicine cost is RM 17650 permonth.

When I'm arrive at HUSM, my mum get a wheel chair to bring me to Nuclear Clinic. Doctor Biswal, my Oncologist Consultant was treat anathor person, so I must wait for while. I'm chatting with other patient's. A middle-age women ask ist me recognise her or not. I din't remember her until she told me that she is nurse at Surgery Clinic and now she got lung cancer. Now I remember her because at Surgery Clinic I'm head one of their staff was got CA. She still can smile although got a cancer, me be she is not chemoteraphy yet, but pray she become more healthy because cancer is very cruel illness.i'm give her my SUSU LEBAH pamphlet and she very happy because she was find a supplement for her cancer. May Allah give her strenghtend to fight her cancer.

Finally Prof.Dr.Biswal call me. I'm give him my note about my Cancer Improvement dan My Problem. I told him my foot was "lebam"(ulcer), so at my hand. Prof.told me that is common things when we took Sutent. He took picture at my foot and palm. He also saw my absess and he told me that i must take radiotherapy(laser) for times.I must come to clinic on 26 Februari for measure radioteraphy target. Radioteraphy is laser by nuclear radiotion. My late wife who got breast cancer make it for 14 times. My Allah bless her and happy in her grave.

On the way to get medicine, I met Cikgu Adnan and Cikgu Mohamad Junuh that Headmaster of SK Mentuan. Cikgu Adnan called me may be to bring me home together but I'm SMS him that I went home by taxi with my uncle and auntie. I'm send her to Balai Clinic for continue his tibi treatment.

I think, enough for this time, we meet another enri.

Wassalam. May Allah give our strenghtend to fulfill His order and avoid His want we to avoid it.

I want to listen TANYALAH USTAZ AT TV 9.


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