Friday, December 9, 2011


http://selfprescription.blogspot.comToday, in my mail is a parcel containing the book on breast cancer that I wrote.
      Titled: KANSER PAYUDARA - Teman ke Akhir Hayat
The book has 320 pages, with references and index, published by Dewan Bahasa Pustaka. The happiest person is of course by supporter and no 1 fan.

The copy is author's first copy and the rest will be handed to me on the launching day, most probably before January 2012 in USM Penang Campus or in Putra Jaya. Thus, I presumed, the book will only be in bookstore after the launch.

The book has two parts, the first is on author's and patients' experiences coping with breast cancer and the stories are integrated with the facts about clinical presentation, staging, pathological features and its implication on prognosis and the treatment for breast cancer.  

The second part is more on naturopathic way of treatment, stressing on variable aggressiveness of breast cancer and dissimilar vulnerability and strength of cancer survivors. It includes a chapter on coping with sexuality and sex.
So, while writing this entry, I am smiling at myself (on the book's cover), thinking of my bitter sweet memories coping with breast cancer treatment and after 5 years survival and a book on the same topic, published with DBP, I could not deny God's blessing that came my way, for much of what I experienced in life is summarised as "It was so wrong but it came out so right."



Dr. H said...

Salam Che Gu,

Bila pula mari klinik onco, kalau buku yang saya pesan dah sampai, InsyaAllah saya turun dan hadiahkan satu naskah untuk Che Gu Zaini.

zaini said...

Waalaikummussalam Doktor!

Saya jumpa onco pada 19 januari ni. Tahniah akhirnya buku doktor dapat diterbitkan oleh DBP. Semoga ia menjadi panduan berguna kepada semua pesakit kanser.

Dr. H said...

okay, kalu saya ada kat husm...saya turun hari tu, suruh Puan Hasmat call saya..