Friday, January 28, 2011

Gambar Dari Pakar Bedahku

Gambar di atas dihantar melalui e-mail kelmarin daripada doktor yang membedahku. Ini e-mailnya:

Dear Sir,

I received your SMS this morning.
Be a healthy, wealthy, happy & more longer life with your family.
Your longer survival is not only for adequate surgery alone, also our oncology Team approach management.
Whatever I am also happy for hearing  “Thanks word” from you to me & all doctors involving & treating  you.
I send your two Photos during operation & after operation for your Knowledge & your website.
Another lady, Carcinoma Stomach Upper Part (Fundus & Cardia ) , I operated in USM , followup at surgical clinic at USM , 8 month after operation in 2nd attached file . I am standing behind the old Lady with happily at surgical Clinic.  I think, she may still alve.

Regards & Thanks,
Dr. Shwe Baw

 Sekarang dia dah kembali ke Myanmar. Moga dia meneruskan khidmatnya pula di sana.

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